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The Precarious State of Security in Asia

Security is defined as the condition of being protected against danger or loss. In the Internet Age, information security has become just as valuable and important as is the physical aspects of safety. Security remains top of mind among security business and technology executives. But how does this trickle down to users and their [...]
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Staying Safe While Using Social Networking Site Software

The great news is that social networking has grown to enormous levels over the last few years and while this may seem like a bad thing in terms of security, it really is not. The number of people who are looking to ensure that they as well as all of their information stays safe [...]
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Product Review: PC Security Shield 2008

Anyone who uses the internet for any use, even one as basic as email, shopping, or conducting a business, needs to utilize an effective and up to date anti virus and spyware monitoring system to protect their personal, business and financial data. Although credit card theft is the number one form of identity theft, computer [...]
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X-cart Security

X-Cart makes it easy for nearly anyone with the desire to establish an e-commerce store to do so, however not everyone has the background knowledge to know to address security issues. Many store owners begin designing, adding products, and focusing on sales and SEO without ensuring that their x-cart e-commerce store is developed in a [...]
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Kaspersky Lab Software: One of the Bests in the Market

If there is a race among the most awarded and recognized anti-virus computer programs in the world, the line of Kaspersky Lab software would surely lead the battle. Today, the software package is one of the most sought-after and in-demand computer protection applications in the world. There is no doubt about the capabilities and the [...]
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Software as a Service: is it for Me?

Software as a service is closely related to Application Service Provider (ASP), which provides computer based services to companies over a network. Software as a Service specifically refers to software offered as a service. A more traditional model of software distribution, where a company purchases software, installs it and maintains it themselves is known as [...]
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Software Services

Software Services or On Demand software can be put into practice rapidly as it removes the infrastructure and the endless costs that traditional applications require for their proper functioning. The need for installing the application on the customer’s computer is not required. It lessens the customer’s burden of software maintenance, ongoing operations, and support. Some popular [...]
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ECommerce Shopping Cart Software Can Make All Of The Difference

For any internet entrepreneur who is trying to get their own online storefront launched you should already know about the importance of integrating a custom ecommerce shopping cart to your website. For all of other would-be website owners, particularly those who are interested in selling online, there are countless benefits to having your own custom [...]
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Secutech Adds More Security Solutions

SecuTech adds more security solutions World’s strongest HID solution against software piracy, unlicensed use, video protection and web authentication is now available.  July 10, 2008 UniKey Solutions   SecuTech Solution Inc. offers several ready license protection solutions along with UniKey. UniKey takes the role of hardware ID and works as the container of digital credentials. UniKey Software Protection System [...]
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Payroll Software – What’s New for 2009 Wage Withholding

As in past years the IRS issued a 2009 tax guide for employers. Below is a summary of the new changes for the new year. 1.  Social security and Medicare taxes (rate and cutoff) Employers must stop withholding social security tax after an employee reaches $106,800 in social security wages in 2009. The maximum social security withholding amount [...]
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