Ergonomic Mouse

Ergonomics for workplace is being highly accepted by organizations. Everyone is aware of the importance of human resource and hence there is an increased investment for keeping the employees fit and productive. Continuous use of desktops at workplace has lead to many big and small ailments in past. The employee productivity and turnover both have been affected by the same. Those who use computers for more than two hours a day require stretching exercises after every few minutes to reduce the muscle tension that is built by sitting in the same position for long. The most affected areas of body are neck, back, shoulders, head, palms, arms, fingers and eyes. More and more people are affected by carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress disorders. No organization wants an increased expenditure on workplace sickness. Ergonomic furniture for workplace is especially designed for overcoming and reducing these repetitive stress disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome. They try to eliminate the most disastrous body postures. The sole aim they are designed with is the support and comfort that human body requires while working for several hours.

Mouse is an essential element of our computer. It is used for scrolling and clicking anywhere on the screen area. It makes many tasks much easier than they would be if done via keyboard. There are a number of hand and wrist twists that take place while using a traditional mouse during the day. A traditional mouse additionally builds a lot of pressure in the carpal tunnel area during the day. Also, it builds a lot of pressure on forearms while working resulting in a regular pain in wrists, arms and palms. Upon studying the various muscoskeletal, visual and environmental issues relating to computer usage ergonomists designed the ergonomic mouse. It was designed to make the companies aware of the flaws relating to computer usage. The main aim was to provide a way for safe implementation of a comfortable environment for computer geeks.

Ergonomic mouse come in various designs and at various prices one has to be quite aware while making a selection. One must check that the mouse size fits ones arms. It is also essential to check if the mouse builds no or least pressure on muscles. Remember the whole reason for buying an ergonomic mouse is to reduce muscle tension. There is no point buying a mouse that fails to do the same. The most relaxing posture for shoulder and arm muscle is when arms are lifted parallel to ground with palms facing each other. On this premise a vertical ergonomic mouse is better than a traditional mouse. It tends to build least pressure on palm areas, wrists, arms etc. it further reduces the amount of wrist twists during the day thereby eliminating the risks of repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. The pains in shoulders, head, back, neck etc are also reduced. There are other designs available for optical tracking for smoother and accurate mouse movements. They fit the natural hand contours and act as hand rests in most situations. They fit different hand structures and easily adapt to both left and right hand users.

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