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Installing the best Internet security software on one’s PC is an unwritten rule that many of us follow. We’ve heard countless horror stories of computer viruses and stolen identity; some making us swear we’ll never use the Internet again. But, let’s face it, the Web is essential to all of our lives and despite the risks, the benefits sure outweigh those detrimental aspects.

In order to fully protect your PC and find an Internet security software program you can stand hosting on your OS, it’s important to consider the following:

• Features-While most Internet security providers claim to ‘have it all,’ make sure you choose a software program with anti-virus and spyware protection, rootkit and spam protection, a firewall, and parental control functions, such as Security Shield 2008.

• Pricing-Everyone wants to save money and when choosing an Internet security software program, it’s vital to choose a great product with an affordable price tag. Security Shield 2008, for example, will run you $39.99 after mailing in their rebate.

• Ease of Use-Opt for a software program that is easy to install and doesn’t drain your system resources. CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2008, for example, provides an In-Product Tutorial if you run into any problems along your virus-scanning way.

• Customer Support-Make sure the Internet Security provider you go with has comprehensive customer support. Security Shield 2008 is covered by free technical support via email, phone and live chat. Many companies charge per-incident or by allotted time, so it’s wise to compare costs.

Most Internet security software programs run automatic updates and have real-time scanning capabilities, which are a must. Technology and Web-based threats aren’t static and in order to completely protect your PC, it’s crucial to choose a product that is both versatile and continuously updates itself.

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