Ergonomic Keyboard Trays For Comfortable Positioning

In today’s fast paced world, computer users of all types find themselves locked in front of their keyboards for hours on end. High intensity usage of computers can lead to several problems in the body like computer fatigue syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome and various other repetitive stress injuries. If you are facing such problems, then you definitely need to consider upgrading your work environment to include an ergonomic keyboard tray. It is typically the cornerstone in a modern computer work environment. A number of factors like keyboard height (vertical travel), keyboard tilt, and stability of the keyboard should be considered before purchasing a keyboard tray.

A good ergonomic keyboard tray allows a person to easily set the height and angle of the keyboard so as to reduce tension in the shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands. A superior ergonomic keyboard tray such as the IS-ER is often recommended by professional ergonomists.

An adjustable height keyboard tray can also provide benefits at shared computer workstations. As the name suggests, the height of the tray should be adjusted without any effort using a lift and lock mechanism. Every keyboard tray offered by Ergomart offers instant and intuitive height adjustability.

No matter how comfortable a person is in their primary sitting position, that body posture will inevitably change throughout the day, either as one consciously moves from posture to posture or as one slumps or leans in response to discomfort and static fatigue. A shifting posture should always be accompanied by a keyboard tray capable of adjusting to user so that the wrists stay straight (need illustration). So the articulating keyboard tray should provide quick and easy adjustability to follow or accommodate the users various body postures.

Ergomart’s lineup of NPE series articulating keyboard trays are notable for their superb knee clearance and optional soft touch urethane platforms. Workers that want a spill proof and easy to clean tray need look no further that the two Soft Touch options.

Sit to Stand articulating keyboard trays allow users to switch from the seated to standing position comfortably. For taller workers, the Quick Lift gives the user over 9 extra inches of added vertical travel. This device can be retrofitted to most Ergomart keyboard trays to allow users as tall as 6′ 6″ to comfortably key in the seated or standing position.

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