IT Security: Protecting Your Business Network

As new weaknesses and new systems of attack are discovered, just about anyone can most likely launch an overwhelming attack against an unprotected network. IT security is a requirement. Network attacks are developing in their class and in their abilities to dodge detection. Also, attacks are becoming more centered and have bigger money implications for their victims.

Here are 5 Ways IT Security Software Will Benefit Your Business:

IT Security Software Detect & Solve Problems.  IT Security Software detects problems when they happen no matter the day or the time.  It provide you with informative, step-by-step advice on how to solve each security issue the system detects. IT Security Software Help You Leverage Investments in Security.  By monitoring all your computers around the clock — even laptops not connected to your local network — IT Security Software alerts you and provides a recommended solution the minute any part of your security system stops doing its job. This helps you boost security levels by leveraging your existing investments in IT security. IT Security Software Free Up Time for IT Staff.  IT Security Software consolidates threat-detection, security monitoring and advanced reporting to a single browser-based interface, dramatically reducing your IT administration burden and freeing up time for other tasks. This puts problem-solving security expertise in your office around the clock. IT Security Software Secure Your Laptop Computers Outside the Office.  IT Security Software keeps monitoring your company’s laptops even when they’re out of the office and not connected to your network. At home, at a customer’s office or even on vacation, it’s on top of your computer’s security — and the integrity of your network once a laptop that’s been offline logs on again — as long as the laptop is connected to the internet. IT Security Software Generate Security Reports on Demand.  IT Security Software generates expert reports on demand — satisfying your board, auditors and regulatory bodies with no need to hire expensive outside consultants.

According to Jeff Wilson of Infonetics Research, “Small and medium businesses lose roughly half of their revenue annually to security downtime. At medium organizations, spyware alone is responsible for a major portion of downtime costs at 47 percent and small organizations aren’t far behind at 40 percent of downtime costs. Server malware is also a big problem for both of these groups.”

By monitoring IT security with solutions from Clear Blue Security, you can significantly reduce operating expenses and improve overall company productivity.  Clear Blue Security provides a complete solution for detecting and eliminating IT security vulnerabilities, including the following areas:

Unapproved Software: Ensures that all software applications installed on your network computers are approved by your company’s IT security policy.

Suspicious Traffic: Detects abnormal traffic on your network that could indicate an attempt to access or manipulate your computers.

Intrusion Vulnerability: Identifies open ports or other undesired access points that could put your computers at risk of intrusion.

Malware Protection: Protects your network with antivirus and other security software; ensures installation, updates and proper function on all computers.

Updates & Patches: Assures all critical security updates and patches are installed, with Microsoft’s minimum protection.

Security Practices:
Ensures all your computers are configured and used in accordance with best practices for IT security.

IT Security Agents: Monitors your IT security status and lets you know how to solve any problems it detects.

Virtual Security Assistant: Provides 24/7 IT security for your entire network at a fraction of the cost of human domain experts.

Dennis Thomsen is CEO of Clear Blue Security, development and marketing company of a revolutionary Software-as-a-Service based Virtual Network Security Monitoring Assistant for small and medium sized companies. Download a free trial of our IT security software today.

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