Choosing The Right Restaurant POS Software and Hardware For Your Business

Restaurant Software

Running a successful restaurant used to be about the basics: good location, good food, good service. These days, there’s another important consideration added: in order to run your POS system, you need a restaurant software you can rely on.

Though the harware are more visible, your POS software is the the core of your POS systems. Doing a careful evaluation of restaurant POS software is key to getting a system that will satisfy your customers and employees.

Looking for the right restaurant software?

First of all, identify your needs, know exactly what task you want to be done using a software. Any reasonable restaurant software can handle checks by diner or table, track orders per server, move diners from the bar to a table, manage waiting lists and reservations, and more.

Once you’re satisfied that a particular piece of restaurant software can meet your basic requirements, try it yourself to see how easy it is to use. While there will always be a learning curve for your staff when you purchase a new POS system, choosing restaurant software that’s easy to use can reduce the learning curve to manageable levels.

You may learn more about ease of use by having one or two of your servers involved in the evaluation. They’ll be able to try out the kinds of oddball situations and changes that can cause problems with some software.

Security – create login accounts for each employee. You should be able to limit access to sensitive reports and functions (such as comping meals) to managers, if desired. Flexibility – servers should be able to manipulate checks to match the whims of your patrons: easily splitting checks and tracking special orders, for example. Reporting – this is one of the best features of POS software it can create detailed report which is a great advantage for business owners. Make sure the software you choose lets you get detailed information either per check, per server, or overall, ranging from daily to annually. Multiple location support – if applicable, make sure the system is capable of tracking and reporting on multiple locations, including local differences in staffing and pricing.

Looking for the best hardware?

Of course you’ll need to invest in restaurant POS hardware as well: computers to run the restaurant software on, touch-screen displays for servers to enter order, and printers to produce order slips for the kitchen. Along with POS software is hardware – The only big deicision with it comes to using hardware is the number of hardware your restaurant needs.

The author of this article is the VP for Customer Relations at – a national organization of retail and restaurant POS systems dealers.

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