Should the Software Antivirus & Internet Security?

Computer virus is a small program that is designed to be spread from one computer to another and disrupt / prevent the operating system the computer infected. computer virus can also damage or delete data and files from a computer is infected. Then, using the email system computer computer virus will spread itself through email list from the computer.

Computer viruses spread most easily through email. That is very important not to open an email attachment from a person who does not know unless you email from someone who you expect / wait for the email. Computer viruses can hide / tersamar an email attachment as a form of image files, greeting cards, and can also masquerade as a video file even pdf files. The virus can also spread through downloads – download on the Internet. They were hidden in the files download as a stowaway.

In order to avoid computer viruses, it is important to always keep your computer from virus attacks by using anti-virus software current. It is also important to have the most update information about the threat of virus new computer virus, and you should always remain vigilant & abiding in the rule base when browsing the Internet, do not download a file from the website that are not clear and not open an email attachment from someone you do not know . Because, once your computer infected with a computer virus, the consequences can be fatal.

Trojan Horse – Trojan Horse computer virus is a name taken from Greek mythology when the Trojan war, as dikisahkan in the Aeneid by Virgil where according to legend is a Trojan Horse is full of trickery and deception. When he is trying menginfeksi computer look like the victim subuah software will be useful, but he really – really will make fatal damage when installed on the computer.

Some of the Trojan Horse virus is designed for just such a possible change the desktop, but some of them very damaging to remove memfile operating system and damage the computer. There are also Trojan Horse virus that is able to provide access to sesorang with the goal of taking important information from your computer. Trojan Horse virus & does not like worms, Trojan does not reproduce itself to other computers menginfeksi.

Computer Worm – Computer worm virus similar to the computer in terms of design, it is classified as a derivative of a virus. A Computer Worm is able to spread from one computer to another computer without help someone. Danger is greatest is the ability of the Worm mereplikat system itself from the infected computer and send hundreds or thousands of copies of itself to other computers, so that creates a very big damage. And he will also consume a lot of computer memory so that victims can not afford to work.

Rootkits – Rotkits not be harmful, such as other viruses, it is designed to secretly into the computer of the victim and make additional code for hiding, so that the korbanya not realize that computernya have been infected. And then the darker it will be able to take over the computer of the victim at any time he want. In other words Rootkits enable & disable someone using the computer of the victim and steal important information inside.

Spyware – Spyware is Internet Jargon, a software that is usually entered in the software that is shareware and is used to advertise a product without furtively korbanya able to deny the emergence of the ad.

There also, the program / software that is made to monitor various activities on a computer. Software like this is usually used by companies or their parents to be able to monitor the activities of the target computer. However, many people abused by the person who is not responsible for monitoring the activity with the victim computer to install programs / software without the owner’s computer. As with any other equipment that is made for the purpose of good, but there are always those who wish to pervert the use of software.

To ensure that your computer has been protected from various threats virus – the virus, and people who did not bertanggunjawab, there is a good idea to use the Virus Protection Software (Software AntiVirus). (Eddy)

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