Panda Software Internet Security 2008 Provides More Than Just Antivirus Protection

Does your computer lock up? Have files become unusable? Do you have problems accessing the internet? Or do pop ups constantly appear on your screen making it impossible to search the internet? Do you frequently have documents you need to save and don’t have adequate memory on your computer? Do you worry about your security when you open emails, attachments, download and make purchases online? If so, then the Panda Software protection and repair products may be what you need to repair and protect your computer and information.

Internet Security 2008 offers the total package of features: parental controls, anti spam, anti rootkit, anti phishing, blocking of unknown threats to your computer, anti phishing, firewalls, identity protection, detection of the newest viruses, personal computer “tune ups,” and an information backup system on their secure server.

First, Panda Software protects your computer from viruses, spyware, phishing, and spam. It provides your system with valuable firewall protection. Junk mail is filtered from your email inbox. Phishing is used to trick consumers into providing their confidential information by pretending to be from a legitimate site like a bank or well-know shopping service like This software detects the programming behind these phishing email messages and identifies them as dangerous. Internet Security 2008 also detects the rootkit technology used in spyware programs, which are used to creep into your system undetected and “steal” information stored on your computer as well as monitor your internet usage. This information is then used for identity theft, fraudulent use of your information to gain employment, credit lending and many other purposes. The firewall protection keeps hackers from accessing your computer when you are using the Internet.

The parental control within the Internet Security 2008 program allows you to restrict specific websites, with custom filters for children, teenagers or even employees. You can designate the types of content to be unavailable as well as the pages that you feel to be inappropriate for viewing.

You can keep your personal computer at peak operations but easily accessing your utilities to delete unwanted information such as cookies, temporary internet files, downloads, and recycle bin. After cleaning up your files then you can “tune up” your computer by using these same utilities to defragment your disk. Lastly, important or lengthy documents or other information may be saved online to Panda Software’s secure online server, which with your subscription to a one year service provides you with 1GB of server space.

The newest options to appear in the Panda Software family of products are the instant scan resources available online. Nanoscan, TotalScan and ActiveScan Pro allows you to test your computer in anywhere between 1 minute and 1 hour depending on the scan you choose and your internet connection speed. This product scans your computer to detect virus, spyware, malware, and adware and then deletes them from your system as well as repairs most damage.

Panda Software offers several other products, which are mini versions of the Internet Security 2008 antivirus software, such as Antivirus 2008, Antivirus and Firewall 2008, and Desktop Secure for Linux. These other programs use only a portion of the features and products available through Internet Security 2008 and range in price. For the value, Internet Security 2008 is a better buy. This company also offers products for business including provides networking, administration antivirus, malware, and spyware protection for businesses and their operating systems. It has won awards and recognition in several countries for the effectiveness and ease of operating its system. In the UK, PC Advisor awarded Internet Security 2007 a Gold Award, praising the quickness of its scanning and repair systems with the use of fewer computer resources. PC World (Spain) awarded it 5 stars for the thoroughness of its protection.

Internet Security 2008 is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista and system requirements are standard for this type of antivirus software. Customer support is available either online or via telephone. There is no additional charge for accessing Panda Software’s 24 hour telephone support system, when you purchase this product. A one year service agreement is $69.95. A 30 day free trial of each of their products is available, to help you make an informed choice regarding your antivirus software needs.

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