Kaspersky Lab Software: One of the Bests in the Market

If there is a race among the most awarded and recognized anti-virus computer programs in the world, the line of Kaspersky Lab software would surely lead the battle. Today, the software package is one of the most sought-after and in-demand computer protection applications in the world. There is no doubt about the capabilities and the potentials of Kaspersky Lab software.


To understand the software better, it would be appropriate to first look at its origins. Kaspersky Lab software is developed, created and distributed by the Russian technology firm Kaspersky Lab. The company is a security firm co-founded by its namesake Eugene Kaspersky and Natalia Kasperskaya in 1997. From its offices in Moscow, the software has been launched and distributed by several offices and affiliates found across the UK, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Romania, China, France and of course, the United States.


Kaspersky Lab software is a basic computer protection package offering anti-spyware and anti-virus services. The computer program has created its niche in making sure viruses are detected, quarantined and even cleaned. Aside from the basic services, Kaspersky Lab software is also reliable as an anti-spam and as an anti-intrusion computer product.


Major awards and recognitions


As always, computer protection programs are rewarded and recognized by several players, experts and industry bodies in the market. For its part, the Kaspersky Lab software package is well recognized and renowned in the market. No one will ever question the reliability of the software.


Red Herring magazine in 2005 named Kaspersky Lab software as among the in-demand and sought-after ‘Red Herring 100′ in Europe. The category is a selection of the top 100 European firms. The qualification ranged from being a technology product and at the same time a timely and effective innovation. No doubt that Kaspersky Lab software is an important and popular innovation in its own rights.



More recognition


The UK-based technology magazine PC Pro included Kaspersky Lab software, particularly the 2007 Kaspersky online security version 7 among the highly commended A List. Tests and trials about the program have found that indeed, Kaspersky Lab software is among the fastest and most effective when it comes to detection rates or different viruses.


On top of those, Kaspersky Lab software has always been topping the comparative tests conducted by the Virus Bulletin since August 2003. Global expert magazine PC World has acknowledged and described Kaspersky Lab software as the fastest updating new tool against different viruses and computer security threats.


Above all, the greatest recognition Kaspersky Lab software has received is the direct recognition from consumers themselves. The strong and constantly robust sales of the computer protection program has become a potent indication that in actuality, consumers are looking at Kaspersky Lab software as a really effective and functional anti-virus and computer protection application.


Collaboration with other software


Kaspersky Lab software is undoubtedly among the bests there are in the current market. Aside from the factors described and identified, recognition for the Kaspersky Lab software is most evident with the numerous deals Kaspersky Lab entered to allow other computer security vendors to use Kaspersky Lab software as a base for their own and respective safety programs.


Among the solutions and products that used and integrated the Kaspersky Lab software into their own systems are the Juniper Networks, Bluecoat, Check Point, Netintelligence, Sybari, F-Secure, FrontBridge, G-Data and GFI Software. All in all, there are about 120 different companies and software writers that have secured licenses to integrate and use the Kaspersky Lab software into their own systems and products.

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