Staying Safe While Using Social Networking Site Software

The great news is that social networking has grown to enormous levels over the last few years and while this may seem like a bad thing in terms of security, it really is not. The number of people who are looking to ensure that they as well as all of their information stays safe has increased as well and over all the result is astonishing with security features always being updated to keep people safe. After all, with the sudden rise in people being victimized it seems only natural that safety and security would be a top priority as well.

For those who use the internet a great deal the number of security features that are included in social networking site software should seem like no big surprise. After all, there is encryption, spam filters, CAPCHA codes, and even passwords that are all used to help ensure that you can stay safe. All of these features are typically standard on any website, regardless of whether it is social networking or not. However, taking security a bit further social networking site software also typically allows users the ability to block or restrict access from users that they do not know.

To give real life examples let us look at Facebook, this is one of the largest social networking sites that is designed primarily for high school and college students. The site generally restricts all access to someone’s profile page until you are added as a friend. However once you have been added as a friend of the user you can view their page, leave them comments and even send them a message. You are also able to see their other friends as well, but again unless they are your friend as well you cannot see their page. This type of security is essential to help keep personal information private.

In a world where scams abound on the internet, there are plenty of people who are not always wise in their decisions about what information to share. For example, leaving your e-mail address, home address, phone number or full name on a page that is wide open to the public is about as wise as actually posting your bank account information or even your social security number. Limiting the ability for strangers to see your information is essential to stay safe and all good social networking site software will give you this ability.

MySpace handles the security issues a bit differently; they allow you to set for yourself who is allowed to see your page. You can restrict it to friends only, as well as everyone. In addition, you are able to limit whom you would like to allow to request friendship from you. This can help you to avoid spammers, as well as reduce the chances of having a person who is inappropriate gain access to your profile page. When you look at these features combined together with the standard safety measures that most websites have in addition to common sense you are left with a very comprehensive social networking site software package that keeps you safe.

However, taking the software for granted is never wise. There are always ways that people can hack into accounts and still gain access to information. Giving too much personal information on your profile page is never wise regardless of which site you are using. Too many mistakes can occur that can be quite devastating if you are not able to take control over your own personal information. It is essential that you never rely solely on the security measures that are in place within social networking site software; instead consider these to be additional tools that you use in conjunction with your own common sense to ensure your safety.

You should also take full advantage of all security features and restrictions for any account that you are creating for a child. Letting a very young child use social networking can be a great way to allow them to learn how to stay in touch with family, but keeping your family protected is also a very large step towards ensuring that they stay safe. The tools that are available within the sites can be a huge step towards that process and with a bit of education on the proper safety procedures on the internet can have even young children safety engaged in the social networking site software like a professional with no complications and no safety risk.

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