Staying Safe While Using Social Networking Site Software

The great news is that social networking has grown to enormous levels over the last few years and while this may seem like a bad thing in terms of security, it really is not. The number of people who are looking to ensure that they as well as all of their information stays safe has increased as well and over all the result is astonishing with security features always being updated to keep people safe. After all, with the sudden rise in people being victimized it seems only natural that safety and security would be a top priority as well.

For those who use the internet a great deal the number of security features that are included in social networking site software should seem like no big surprise. After all, there is encryption, spam filters, CAPCHA codes, and even passwords that are all used to help ensure that you can stay safe. All of these features are typically standard on any website, regardless of whether it is social networking or not. However, taking security a bit further social networking site software also typically allows users the ability to block or restrict access from users that they do not know.

To give real life examples let us look at Facebook, this is one of the largest social networking sites that is designed primarily for high school and college students. The site generally restricts all access to someone’s profile page until you are added as a friend. However once you have been added as a friend of the user you can view their page, leave them comments and even send them a message. You are also able to see their other friends as well, but again unless they are your friend as well you cannot see their page. This type of security is essential to help keep personal information private.

In a world where scams abound on the internet, there are plenty of people who are not always wise in their decisions about what information to share. For example, leaving your e-mail address, home address, phone number or full name on a page that is wide open to the public is about as wise as actually posting your bank account information or even your social security number. Limiting the ability for strangers to see your information is essential to stay safe and all good social networking site software will give you this ability.

MySpace handles the security issues a bit differently; they allow you to set for yourself who is allowed to see your page. You can restrict it to friends only, as well as everyone. In addition, you are able to limit whom you would like to allow to request friendship from you. This can help you to avoid spammers, as well as reduce the chances of having a person who is inappropriate gain access to your profile page. When you look at these features combined together with the standard safety measures that most websites have in addition to common sense you are left with a very comprehensive social networking site software package that keeps you safe.

However, taking the software for granted is never wise. There are always ways that people can hack into accounts and still gain access to information. Giving too much personal information on your profile page is never wise regardless of which site you are using. Too many mistakes can occur that can be quite devastating if you are not able to take control over your own personal information. It is essential that you never rely solely on the security measures that are in place within social networking site software; instead consider these to be additional tools that you use in conjunction with your own common sense to ensure your safety.

You should also take full advantage of all security features and restrictions for any account that you are creating for a child. Letting a very young child use social networking can be a great way to allow them to learn how to stay in touch with family, but keeping your family protected is also a very large step towards ensuring that they stay safe. The tools that are available within the sites can be a huge step towards that process and with a bit of education on the proper safety procedures on the internet can have even young children safety engaged in the social networking site software like a professional with no complications and no safety risk.

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Product Review: PC Security Shield 2008

Anyone who uses the internet for any use, even one as basic as email, shopping, or conducting a business, needs to utilize an effective and up to date anti virus and spyware monitoring system to protect their personal, business and financial data. Although credit card theft is the number one form of identity theft, computer theft crimes rank in the top five dangers of identity theft.

There are three main ways that identity theft can occur from your internet usage:

-Phishing. You receive an email from one of the more well known online services or your bank, warning you with the message that your bank or other account may have been compromised, then asking you to clink a link and “log-in” If you follow those instructions, you end up providing a third party with your account information and access. I have most often received this type of message from a group alleging to be “PayPal,” however I have also received it from an entity pretending to be a local credit union.

- Spyware: You may not even know that this is on your computer without a spyware detection system. This software is used to record keystrokes to obtain either personal and financial information whenever you shop or bank online. It can also be used to access confidential information on your hard drive.

- Spoofing: A legitimate internet site will be “hi-jacked”, redirecting people to a fake internet site where they are asked to provide confidential information.

It is important when shopping for your anti virus software to make sure that it contains protection against these dangers and includes regular updates. One of the many antivirus systems currently available is PC Security Shield 2008. This system, like many others, offers: anti virus, spyware and adware protection, personal firewall, automatic daily updates, your choices of real time, and/or scheduled scanning, as well as parental controls. You may complete your purchase of the software online or via telephone and then download the anti virus software to your personal computer.

However, what is unique about this service is:

1. You may purchase your service either monthly or yearly; with most services you must purchase one full year.

2. If a virus does occur, Security Shield provides a “patch” within 2-3 hours and a complete repair of the virus within 5 hours. According to PC Professionals Security Shield, using F-Secure technology responds 3-4 times faster in repairing viruses as well as updates customer’s service with the latest antivirus protection “twice” as often as other anti virus software systems. (PC Professionals, Issue Aug. 2006)

3. The software uses a Bayesian filter as well as a “blacklist” of sites that send unsolicited email for use in phishing schemes and stores these emails in a separate folder for your safety.

4. With the PC Security Shield 2008 Parental Control features, parents can not only block web sites that contain specific content, such as pornography, weapons or drugs, but they can also set specific times of day when the internet may not be used. This is especially important for those late nights or directly after school when parents may not be present.

5. No additional or hidden charges for the technical support services assistance, in contrast to other businesses whose anti virus programs charge an additional amount to correct virus or spyware damage either per minute or per event.

Technical support for this system includes an online product guide, instant chat, email and telephone support as well as a Frequently Asked Questions site. However, the telephone support does not have a toll free number. The chat online support responds quickly, however you should have your product codes available. My hold time via telephone support was a little more than 5 minutes, which is longer than I would like to hold, but I have held longer for utilities and cable. Be sure to check the website for system requirements; however, they seem to be the standard for any anti virus software system that you may be considering for purchase.

The cost for this service is currently $39.99/year after a $20.00 mail in rebate. The rebate is offered after 90 days of service and after ending your pre-existing anti virus software support with any one of those listed by PC Security Shield. You may also purchase a monthly service program for $5.99 a month for one computer or $9.99 a month for up to three computers.

My favorite feature with this service is not only than just the ability to control web content, but also the times that my children are permitted to be on the web and that I can change these times according to my schedule. The other favorite feature is that it protects emails from spy ware, phishing, and keylogging types of emails through two different services, the one being up to date research and the other by compiling a log of “bad” sites that may attempt to hi jack your personal information.

To purchase this service, you simply register online, choose either monthly or a yearly subscription, confirm your purchase via email, obtain your key code and download your anti virus software system. Setting your preferences is intuitive; however, the online chat is quite helpful in providing direction.

This may be an anti virus software program most likely of interest to parents, especially with the offers of multiple computer coverage, no additional charges for technical support and the excellent extended parental controls. It protects your PC and personal data from theft, making it worth considering.

Lisa Carey is a contributing author for Identity Theft Secrets: prevention and protection. You can get tips on Identity theft protection, software, and monitoring your credit as well as learn more about the secrets used by identity thieves at the Identity Theft Secrets blog

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X-cart Security

X-Cart makes it easy for nearly anyone with the desire to establish an e-commerce store to do so, however not everyone has the background knowledge to know to address security issues. Many store owners begin designing, adding products, and focusing on sales and SEO without ensuring that their x-cart e-commerce store is developed in a secure environment with a focus on security. Once established often x-cart store owners are not aware of what is required to maintain their x-cart in a manner that keeps it secure over time.

The purpose of this tutorial is to assist you in understanding:

The importance of X-Cart security

Hosting X-Cart in a secure environment

How to secure your X-Cart

Maintenance of x-cart security

The importance of X-Cart security

Website security should always be a priority, but is absolutely crucial when dealing with e-commerce stores that transact and store sensitive customer data such as email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and credit card information. Reading through the x-cart forums you will find many x-cart store owners who have had the misfortune of having their x-cart hacked/exploited. Having worked with x-cart since 2002, I’ve had many of those store owners come to me asking what can be done to fix their store, and I have repeatedly heard the common response that nobody had ever talked to them about security and they were unaware of anything that needed to be done. Believe me when I say that if you are not aware of what is required to secure and maintain your x-cart, it is by sheer luck that your x-cart has not been hacked or exploited and it is only a matter of time before you become a victim. That said, by reading this tutorial you are well on your way to understanding and performing x-cart security to keep you and your customers safe.

Hosting X-Cart in a secure environment

The environment on which your x-cart is hosted is the base for all security, and if your host and/or server is not secure, all the security settings on your x-cart are not going to keep you from being exploited. There are generally two types of hosting: a shared server where you purchase a plan with a host and they provide you space for your site to reside on a server with many other clients, or a dedicated server, which is a computer where you can host your site(s) exclusively (a VPS is essentially a combination allowing dedicated server privileges in an environment shared with less users than with shared hosting).

Secured Shared Hosting

The main benefits of shared hosting is the reduced cost available by sharing the server with other users, and having the server company manage the server security. These same benefits can also pose a security threat however, as the sites of other clients can jeopardize your security if their sites are breached, and if you rely on a server company to secure a server and they fail to do so correctly, you can find yourself in serious trouble. To combat these potential problems, it is imperative that you host with a trusted hosting provider who makes server security a priority. View our recommended X-Cart Hosting providers.

Dedicated Server


I unfortunately often see x-cart store owners establish or move to an unmanaged dedicated server without knowing the onus of security that falls on them in doing so. When working with an unmanaged server, you are responsible for ALL server security. This includes the configuration of all your server settings, as well as keeping your kernel, os, php/mysql, control panel, etc. up-to-date as new branches and patches are released. This is a daunting task for anyone not very experienced with server security, and is not recommended for the average user.


Surprisingly, having a managed server does not necessarily mean your server is secure. When purchasing a managed plan, it is important to know what the server provider will and won’t do as part of your managed plan; it is not uncommon for someone to established a managed server and setup their site(s) thinking the host will take care of security, only to find their server exploited to which the server company responds saying they only perform security tasks upon request. If you rely on your host for a fully managed security package it is important that you work with a trusted hosting provider who takes security seriously, and ensure that all aspects of security are accounted for.

Server Management Companies

Personally, I recommend an unmanaged dedicated server package and then using the services of a server management company such as EZSM or ServerWizards. These companies will configure your initial security settings, put processes in place to manage your security, and keep your server up-to-date as upgrades and patches are made available.

How to secure your X-Cart

After securing the hosting environment, it is necessary to address security with x-cart itself. Taking the following steps will make great strides in securing your x-cart:

Ensure you have a secure https connection for your store using a valid SSL certificate.

Do not use the “master” x-cart admin account. To change this, login using your “master” x-cart admin account, create a new administrator with a username that is less generic. Log in as that new user and delete the “master” user account.

Immediately password protect your admin and provider directories. You can usually password protect these directories using a control panel such as cPanel, or you can use .htaccess and .htpasswd files (run a quick google search if you are unsure how).

Be aware of your site’s file permissions, as having loose file permissions in conjunction with an exploit, can allow someone to write and execute files on your website – this is a very common exploit against x-cart so take this seriously. In general your file chmod permissions should appear as follows:

File Type Permission

*.php 644

*.tpl 644

*.pl 755

*.sh 755

/catalog/ 777

/files/ 777

/images/ 777

/var/ 777

/var/* folders 777

/var/* files 666

Turn off the option of sending credit card information in e-mails in the General Settings -> E-Mail Options section of your x-cart admin section.

Unless you are using the subscriptions module, do not store credit card information in your database. To disable, or to ensure that this setting is disabled, open your config.php file and ensure the $store_cc variable is set to false:

$store_cc = false;

It is always a good idea to log into your x-cart admin section using https so that the data you transact during the x-cart session is encrypted. The following code will force your x-cart admins/providers to login using https:// by redirecting them when http:// is used.

Add this code to the .htaccess of your admin section (adjust your url):

# Force https on the admin section

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond % !443

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

Add this code to the .htaccess of your provider section (adjust your url):

# Force https on the provider section

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond % !443

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

The following .htaccess code, which can be placed in an .htaccess file in your store’s root directory (same directory as / and cart.php), will prevent access to sensitive areas of the x-cart file structure. If you are on a server that does not support .htaccess files, you will want to find alternate ways to block access to these files.

(NOTE: Change to the url to your error_message.php file.)

Options +SymlinksIfOwnerMatch -Indexes

RewriteEngine on

# Block access to sensitive directories

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/.pgp/.*$

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/patch..*$

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/sql/.*$

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/schemes/.*$

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/skin1_original/.*$

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/Smarty.*$

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/upgrade/.*$

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/var/.*$

# Block access to sensitive file types

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*.(ini|tpl|sql|log|conf|bak)$

# Block access to sensitive files

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/COPYRIGHT

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/INSTALL.*$

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/NEW.*$

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/README

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/UPGRADE.*$

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/VERSION

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/include/version.php

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/config.php

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/

RedirectMatch permanent ^.*/install.php$

Maintainance of x-cart security

A big mistake I see with users of software is thinking they can setup the software and run the software for an indefinite period of time. It is imperative with x-cart, and all software you run for that matter, that you apply security patches and upgrade as new releases are available. While the patches and upgrades do require time and/or money to apply, neglecting to do so can be potentially fatal to your business and they need to be made a priority.

X-Cart provides security and release bulletins that you can sign up for in your x-cart client account. Be sure to sign-up for these bulletins and stay on top of your security.

Article copyright 2007 and may be republished provided all content is left intact including author information, copyright notice and website links.

Working extensively with x-cart since 2002, Jon Peters of WebsiteCM is available to assist you with your x-cart based business. Ask him a question at or find out how to improve your x-cart based business with x-cart mods, x-cart tutorials and more at

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Kaspersky Lab Software: One of the Bests in the Market

If there is a race among the most awarded and recognized anti-virus computer programs in the world, the line of Kaspersky Lab software would surely lead the battle. Today, the software package is one of the most sought-after and in-demand computer protection applications in the world. There is no doubt about the capabilities and the potentials of Kaspersky Lab software.


To understand the software better, it would be appropriate to first look at its origins. Kaspersky Lab software is developed, created and distributed by the Russian technology firm Kaspersky Lab. The company is a security firm co-founded by its namesake Eugene Kaspersky and Natalia Kasperskaya in 1997. From its offices in Moscow, the software has been launched and distributed by several offices and affiliates found across the UK, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Romania, China, France and of course, the United States.


Kaspersky Lab software is a basic computer protection package offering anti-spyware and anti-virus services. The computer program has created its niche in making sure viruses are detected, quarantined and even cleaned. Aside from the basic services, Kaspersky Lab software is also reliable as an anti-spam and as an anti-intrusion computer product.


Major awards and recognitions


As always, computer protection programs are rewarded and recognized by several players, experts and industry bodies in the market. For its part, the Kaspersky Lab software package is well recognized and renowned in the market. No one will ever question the reliability of the software.


Red Herring magazine in 2005 named Kaspersky Lab software as among the in-demand and sought-after ‘Red Herring 100′ in Europe. The category is a selection of the top 100 European firms. The qualification ranged from being a technology product and at the same time a timely and effective innovation. No doubt that Kaspersky Lab software is an important and popular innovation in its own rights.



More recognition


The UK-based technology magazine PC Pro included Kaspersky Lab software, particularly the 2007 Kaspersky online security version 7 among the highly commended A List. Tests and trials about the program have found that indeed, Kaspersky Lab software is among the fastest and most effective when it comes to detection rates or different viruses.


On top of those, Kaspersky Lab software has always been topping the comparative tests conducted by the Virus Bulletin since August 2003. Global expert magazine PC World has acknowledged and described Kaspersky Lab software as the fastest updating new tool against different viruses and computer security threats.


Above all, the greatest recognition Kaspersky Lab software has received is the direct recognition from consumers themselves. The strong and constantly robust sales of the computer protection program has become a potent indication that in actuality, consumers are looking at Kaspersky Lab software as a really effective and functional anti-virus and computer protection application.


Collaboration with other software


Kaspersky Lab software is undoubtedly among the bests there are in the current market. Aside from the factors described and identified, recognition for the Kaspersky Lab software is most evident with the numerous deals Kaspersky Lab entered to allow other computer security vendors to use Kaspersky Lab software as a base for their own and respective safety programs.


Among the solutions and products that used and integrated the Kaspersky Lab software into their own systems are the Juniper Networks, Bluecoat, Check Point, Netintelligence, Sybari, F-Secure, FrontBridge, G-Data and GFI Software. All in all, there are about 120 different companies and software writers that have secured licenses to integrate and use the Kaspersky Lab software into their own systems and products.

Bei M. is the author with a perfect business software online store to buy Business Software, Microsoft Business Software, Financial Software, Kaspersky Lab Software and more.

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Software as a Service: is it for Me?

Software as a service is closely related to Application Service Provider (ASP), which provides computer based services to companies over a network. Software as a Service specifically refers to software offered as a service. A more traditional model of software distribution, where a company purchases software, installs it and maintains it themselves is known as software as a product. Companies have many options when it comes to handling their software. However, software as a service has numerous benefits that should be explored.

The IT Staff is Already Busy
Employing a new technology across an entire company is very complex and very time consuming. If a company utilizes SaaS, it is much easier to roll out a new technology to a small test department, minimizing risk if it fails. However, most importantly, it won’t utilize an already overworked IT staff.

What happens if the software or technology breaks? Your IT department, already overworked, will get to it when and if they can, depending on the needs of others in the organization and how important your issue is. In the SaaS delivery model, the vendor is very interested in keeping your business. This means that when something breaks it will get fixed right away.

Faster Installation
Since everything is running securely at the vendor’s location, companies will not need to rely on their IT departments to install an application. Not only that, but all users in the corporation will be able to have the same version of the software at the same time. You won’t need to roll it out over a period of many months.

Cost Savings
Customers pay for the software monthly in this model. This means that a company won’t need to come up with a large sum of money at one time when they want to update or add new technology and/or software for their employees. The monetary risk is much lower and companies will be more willing to take a risk when they aren’t seeing such a large sum of money leaving the company at one time.

Data security can be safer when it is hosted. Frankly, it has to be secure or vendors will lose business. Security is a number one priority and data is backed up constantly. Again, with a busy IT department, it may be easy to overlook backing up or securing information.

Software as a Service is becoming a worldwide method employed by companies to service their technology needs. In a world where software is updated yearly, adding important and often business essential updates, it is no wonder companies are looking for ways to save money. Software as a Service has become a solution for companies to save money, have faster installation times, relieve an already busy IT department and ensure things are happening in a secure and timely manner. Is it for you? More and more companies will begin asking themselves that question as they look to the future of technology within their organizations.

About the author: Rebecca Beckett is a freelance writer for Innuity. For more information about Software as a Service or Application Service Provider go to Zoot .

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Software Services

Software Services or On Demand software can be put into practice rapidly as it removes the infrastructure and the endless costs that traditional applications require for their proper functioning. The need for installing the application on the customer’s computer is not required. It lessens the customer’s burden of software maintenance, ongoing operations, and support.

Some popular applications like payroll, accounting, CRM and video conferencing are working successfully based on these services. The e-ticketing, travel portals and e-banking phenomena that have caught our imagination are all signs of a trend towards internet business leading to the growth of custom software development services. The rapid increase in the facilities provided to the customers through the use of internet has lead to a rapid increase in the development of these software applications equipped with web interactive features.

The trend these days shows that most of the growing IT companies prefer professional software services for their custom software application requirements to have the benefits of simplified customer acquisition as well as integration, simplified operations, improved security and centralized control along with increased customer satisfaction. The software application services provide secured environment both for delivery and hosting customers’ data utilizing protection measures like Security Assessment, Security Design, Security Hardening, and Security Testing and Tuning.

As a service it gives the client liberty to easily make the change from one solution provider to another. This is possible as there is no expenses or investments on the establishment of the IT infrastructure of servers, software or security systems. This liberty of the client to easily walk away from a provider, works as a driving force to introduce better features and ensure optimum performance.These software services can be outsourced to get better results and low cost of ownership with in the cost structure.

Technical Content Writer

Tanuja Shah , , ,

C-103, Sector 2 ,

Noida – 201301 ,


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ECommerce Shopping Cart Software Can Make All Of The Difference

For any internet entrepreneur who is trying to get their own online storefront launched you should already know about the importance of integrating a custom ecommerce shopping cart to your website. For all of other would-be website owners, particularly those who are interested in selling online, there are countless benefits to having your own custom ecommerce shopping cart.

First and foremost, without offering your customers a secure means at which to buy the items that you have for sale, you will not garner that many customers in the first place. The fact of the matter is that one of the most prevalent concerns for shoppers on the World Wide Web is the security of their personal information. A website or an online store that sells a product or a service that is unable to guarantee the security of its shoppers, protecting them from hackers, is not going to survive very long in the demanding business world of today.

What would the world be like without this kind software? A world devoid of the essential ecommerce shopping cart software of today would be a horrid thing to imagine. Websites would have to accept mail-in checks, inventories would be long outdated and nearly impossible to manage, and payment processing would cost significantly more in administrative time. However, thankfully there are software applications that take care of all of this for the specific business owner. They even track sales, make projections and store information such as sales tax collected and others for easy tax filings come the end of the year. In reality, these applications are so advanced these days that most major credit card companies have actually utilized the same batch processing software for their own institutions for two reasons: To assure that their security is top notch, and to make certain that other institutions they are doing business with are on the same page.

How does ecommerce shopping cart software benefit your business? The right software will allow you to offer a higher level of security to your online customers while increasing the usability and modern day applications of such software for your internalized business affairs. With the right ecommerce platform, you can easily created reports, update your online inventories with the click of a button and not have to worry about hackers stealing your data. The best ecommerce shopping cart software is already approved and certified by the major credit card companies. It allows for one button batch processing directly to their servers so you get your monies in a timely and efficient, secure manner. Most modern day applications will easily integrate to most online databases, which allows you the total flexibility of control over your online store. And most are entirely customizable so you can offer your shoppers a seamless online shopping experience.

Is ecommerce shopping cart software that expensive? Most of the time you can find great deals on ecommerce shopping cart software from large companies that make such applications. Always take your time. Conduct your due diligence and look around. Check out the software company’s profile, their online rating, and how many vendors that they currently supply their ecommerce shopping cart software to. What is their success rate? Do they offer free updates after purchase? How secure is their software? Is it accepted by all major credit card carriers? Does it easily integrate into your existing website? How much programming is required? Do they provide twenty four hour technical support to their clients? Make sure you keep these things in mind and you will easily find the appropriate ecommerce shopping cart software for your online needs.

AspDotNetStorefront is a premier ecommerce shopping cart software provider. Visit AspDotNetStorefront for all your ecommerce needs.

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Secutech Adds More Security Solutions

SecuTech adds more security solutions

World’s strongest HID solution against software piracy, unlicensed use, video protection and web authentication is now available.

 July 10, 2008

UniKey Solutions  

SecuTech Solution Inc. offers several ready license protection solutions along with UniKey. UniKey takes the role of hardware ID and works as the container of digital credentials.

UniKey Software Protection System provides a completed set of tools and samples for software vendors to control their software’s distribution.

UniKey Web Authentication System gives a new option for cost-effective two factor authentication for Web sites.

With help of UniKey Video Protector, you can protect your video files with ease.

Software Protection

Protect Your Software and Grow Your Revenues with the new driverless technology software protection & licensing solution.

UniKey dongles fully integrated with your existing software product lifecycle to minimize disruptions to development and business processes. UniKey dongles feature new driverless technology that reduces the huge work of technical support team for software vendors.

With UniKey dongles, you can increase your profits by protecting against losses from software piracy and intellectual property theft and enable innovative business models to increase value and differentiate your products.

The UniKey Software Protection System offers numerous licensing options, such as expiration dates, user limit, demo, trial version, renting, leasing. With easy to use tools like API, enveloper, developers can easily make encryption which is difficult to be cracked.

Video Protection

Want to sell video data to your customers?

Want to protect them against illegal distribution?

Yes, UniKey Video Protector is then the right solution for you. Your video data such as real media (rm/rmvb), avi, swf and flv video files are protected with the state-of-the-art encryption technologies. Only the owner with the right license number can decrypt and consume the data.

As a video vendor, you need only a simple click to protect your video files, while the end-user must have a UniKey dongle that you issued to access your video files.

Additionally to the protection function with UniKey Video Protector, the solution offers you the Driverless technology, reduces the huge work of technical support team for video vendors.

Web Authentication

Nowadays, people are paying more attention to web security and hence authentication has become an increasing critical problem of Internet and Intranet environments.

UniKey web authentication serves more than one purpose. It can provide data security, identity theft protection and improved user experience. The strength of an organization’s web authentication method needs to match the value of the information and resources opened for access.

SecuTech delivers a variety of web authentication methods for varying security and user requirements.

About SecuTech Solution Inc.

SecuTech Solutions Inc. is a company specializing in software license management business systems focusing on the international market with their class leading UniKey product range. Having an extensive and in-depth range of experience within the Software Management Licensing market, SecuTech has drawn upon this experience to utilize today’s cutting-edge technologies to introduce a COMPLETE and affordable solution for today’s software vendor markets worldwide

SecuTech Solution Inc.

SecuTech Solution Inc is a well-established company, which is located in Canada,SecuTech Solution Inc offers only the best solutions and intends to maintain the position as market leader in software copy protection and license protection technologies.

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Payroll Software – What’s New for 2009 Wage Withholding

As in past years the IRS issued a 2009 tax guide for employers. Below is a summary of the new changes for the new year.

1.  Social security and Medicare taxes (rate and cutoff)

Employers must stop withholding social security tax after an employee reaches $106,800 in social security wages in 2009. The maximum social security withholding amount in 2008 was $102,000. This change will require employers to update their accounting or payroll software, either by downloading a new version from the software vendor or by updating the tax tables in their existing payroll system. There is no limit on the amount of wages subject to Medicare tax. Medicare taxes also apply to the wages of household workers an employer pays $1,700 or more in cash. Social security and Medicare taxes apply to election workers who are paid $1,500 or more. The change in the social security withholding cutoff mainly affects employers who have high income employees, making more than 106,800 dollars each year.

 2.  New employment tax adjustment and claim for refund process

The IRS is introducing two new forms for the 2009 tax year: Form 941-X, Adjusted Employer’s QUARTERLY Federal Tax Return or Claim for Refund, and Form 944-X, Adjusted Employer’s ANNUAL Federal Tax Return or Claim for Refund.

To correct employment tax errors discovered on or after January 1st 2009, employers should use the new corresponding “X” forms to correct employment tax errors as soon as they are discovered. For example, employers should use the new Form 941-X, Adjusted Employer’s QUARTERLY Federal Tax Return or Claim for Refund, to correct errors on a previously filed Form 941.

For overpayments: Employers can choose to make an adjustment or claim a refund on the corresponding “X” form.

For underpayments: Employers correcting an underpayment must use the corresponding “X” form. Amounts owed must be paid by the receipt of the return. Payments can be made using EFTPS, by sending a check, or by credit card.

3.  Credit card payments

Employers can pay the balance due on Form 943 (Employer’s Annual Federal Tax Return for Agricultural Employees) and Form 945 (Annual Return of Withheld Federal Income Tax) by credit card. Employers can’t use a credit card to make federal tax deposits.

4.  Social Security Administration and magnetic media

Employers requesting verification of names and social security numbers between 51 and 250,000 employees can no longer use magnetic media to submit their requests to the Social Security Administration. Employers can upload a file through the Social Security Number Verification System (SSNVS). The Social Security will review usage of SSNVS to ensure that employers are using it for the proper purposes. It is not proper to use SSNVS for non-wage reporting purposes, such as identity, credit checks, mortgage applications, etc. The employer can verify up to 250,000 names/SSNs with a correctly formatted SSNVS file. Social Security will not be able to process a file that is not in the correct format. To create the file you will need one column that is at least 130 characters long. This column will hold all data for each record. To get specifications for the record layout, select “Submission File Format” from the SSNVS Handbook from the Social Security website.

5.  Paid preparers must sign Form 941 and Form 944

The paid preparer’s section is no longer optional and is included in Part 5 of Form 941(Employer’s QUARTERLY Federal Tax Return) and Form 944 (Employer’s QUARTERLY Federal Tax Return).

Employers using an up to date 2009 Payroll Software to do payroll and calculate withholding, shouldn’t have a problem dealing with any of these changes for tax year 2009.

Lisa Heather, small business owner, provides insightful tips into payroll software. You may also visit
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Majority of Maintenance and Security Issues With the Web Based Trading Software

There is a large number of software programs available to get you started in playing the field in Forex trading. Software programs that are either desktop based or web based can be used in your Forex trading. Many brokers offer their clients software packages free of charge or they can be a part of opening a trading account with a particular brokerage. Typically, the software that comes with your open trading account is the very basic model, with the bare minimum of what you can use, or will even need.
For more details go to: occasionally, these brokers will offer extra features at a cost. So when you’re considering which broker to open an account with, you may want to consider what software packages they offer to correspond with your account. There are many web site’s that offer free demo accounts, allowing you to download different packages so you can try before you buy. Using a free demo account will give you a better idea of what software you would like to use and will help prevent buyers remorse.
The basic software available is the desktop and the web based. Which one you choose will depend on your preference and other technical matters. The Forex market is dynamic which means that you’ll want to get the software that is the most reliable and up to date connection to the data as possible. Next you’ll have to consider your Internet speed connection. The Internet speed connection is a very important factor if you plan on playing the Forex game. You’ll need to go from dial up to DSL, or even broadband if it’s feasible. The faster the connection is the better.

Online security is another important consideration. Web based Forex software is generally more secured than desktop based software packages. If you choose the desktop software, all of your information and data are stored in your hard drive making your valuable information vulnerable to a number of security infractions. All of your personal data and the integrity of your trading system can be jeopardized if a virus invades your computer and if your hard drive crashes, all of your important data will be lost forever. Another threat would be from hackers who have the ability to hack their way into your computer and gain access to all of your personal information and trading systems.

The provider of the package handles the majority of maintenance and security issues with the web based trading software. The Internet based foreign exchange systems are readily hosted on secure servers, like the servers that credit cards are processed on.
For can visit to: this will give you more protection as your data is encrypted. Along with this protection, your software provider will protect you from losing data by providing mirrors and backups of your account data.

You may also find that Internet based software is more convenient. The software will run on your regular web browser so there won’t be any need to download software thereby giving you access to the most current features and versions of that software. Additionally, if you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll appreciate being able to log into the Internet from a computer anywhere and have all of your information immediately accessible.

In the end choose the Forex trading software that you find easiest to use. You’re the one who’s going to be using it so you’ll need to like it and be able to work with it.

Ideally, if you’re new to the trading game have two accounts, one with your software of choice and one demo account. You’ll be learning as you go along, so keep one account for actual trading of real money and a demo account to test alternative moves. You can also use your demo account to overshadow the trades in your real account so you can see if you are being too conservative.

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