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Simplify Sustainability Program Management with Business ERP Software from Lawson

Manufacturers and distributors in all industries and regions of the world are reevaluating how their businesses impact the environment in which they operate, including their partners, customers and communities. From design and sourcing to production and distribution, manufacturers and distributors are rapidly establishing sustainability or “green” programs across their supply chain because they increasingly make [...]
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Manage The Complexities Of Modern Day Litigation Support With Case Management Software

As the number of lawyers in the United Kingdom increases, so does the demand for first rate litigation support. With the increasing demand for litigation support staff, technology has adapted to better manage the complexities of modern day litigation.  Litigation support personnel are vital to case work efficiency and effectiveness. While attorneys continue to stay focused [...]
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Digital Rights Management: Software Piracy Is Killing The Industry

What would you say if you were told that you were losing thousands upon thousands of dollars on a piece of software that you have created and are trying to make a profit off of? Well, it is the truth. Software piracy is a problem that has brought the software industry to a near standstill, [...]
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Internet Cafe Software… An Answer To All Cafe Management Problems

With the invention of new technologies, lots of issues are also being arisen. Internet cafes are increasingly becoming popular and the number of computers in one Internet cafe is elevating day by day. These cafes offer Internet services, gaming console, printing and drinks and foods also. With the increase in demand, management of these Internet [...]
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Software Management Solutions for Isv’s

According to recent industry research, experts estimate that software pirates and hackers steal $35 billion worth of software each year. Securing and managing source code has become vital, a matter of survival for software producers. Knowledgeable software customers are demanding new and innovative packaging and licensing models to allow them purchase exactly what they want, [...]
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Internet Security: Human Resource Management Implications

The rise of the Internet has resulted in many important issues being raised. One of these major issues relates to privacy and security concerns. These issues become important ones for organizations to consider for several reasons. Firstly, because private employee information is recorded on computers, secondly because organizations have their own important information recorded on computers, [...]
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