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Simplify Sustainability Program Management with Business ERP Software from Lawson

Manufacturers and distributors in all industries and regions of the world are reevaluating how their businesses impact the environment in which they operate, including their partners, customers and communities. From design and sourcing to production and distribution, manufacturers and distributors are rapidly establishing sustainability or “green” programs across their supply chain because they increasingly make [...]
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Guarding Applications – Program Security With Watermarking

Employment of a watermark on the distribution medium aspires at making it really hard to multiply that mark into an illegitimate replicate. This is a frequent style of realising a sheltering scheme versus copyright infringement for digital media. Confirmation code ensures – at runtime – if the software is being run from the original distribution [...]
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Combat Computer Crime And Malware With A Robust Security Software Program

Identity theft. Cyber crime. Viruses. Computer crashes. They can all render you and your computer helpless. Fortunately, they’re also preventable when you have a robust security software program on your side. And at the top of the line is Ability Internet Security from ASI Ability, one of the leading competitors in the antivirus software industry. Ability [...]
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