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Panda Software Internet Security 2008 Provides More Than Just Antivirus Protection

Does your computer lock up? Have files become unusable? Do you have problems accessing the internet? Or do pop ups constantly appear on your screen making it impossible to search the internet? Do you frequently have documents you need to save and don’t have adequate memory on your computer? Do you worry about your security [...]
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Correct Software Protection – Developers Can Omit Application Piracy

Since applications that execute on Sun’s Java or Microsoft’s .NET environment are less complicated to reverse engineer, one does not need to wonder why there was a steady gain in software cracking. Software plagiarism has reached a global scale for quite a while now. In fact, the protection of the seller’s rights becomes a matter [...]
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Maximizing Protection With A Simple Dongle For Your Software

Software License Dongles are usually provided by third party suppliers who specialized on software copy protection solution. Software License Dongles or Locks are categorized under hardware based software copy protection. The Software License Dongles or Locks suppliers usually offer their devices together with protection methods or tools in a package in order for software developers [...]
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Dangers Of Software Plagiarism – Obfuscation In Software Protection

Program vulnerabilities and intellectual property theft are among the most crucial dangers confronting companies today. Indeed, these unwanted “features” represent a high risk for income deprivations  Hence, a superior concern for computer software companies exists in all forms of reversing, counterfeit, patent infringement and stealing of source code. Plagiarism is of primary care to moderate [...]
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Internet Security Suite Software Review – Total Protection From Viruses, Spyware and Malware

Total Internet ProtectionThe internet super highway is full of all kind of viruses, malware, spyware, trojan horses and worms. You may not believe it and I’m quite sure the next time you purchase your new computer and forget to install some type of protection, there is a realistic chance that you will arrive at another [...]
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Etrust Internet Security Suite: Do not Take Protection for Granted

Internet is the “network of all networks”. It is composed of millions of smaller networks (business, academic, domestic, and government) which carry different information and online-based services, such as online chatting, file transfer, electronic mail services, and interlinked web pages as well as other documents stored in the World Wide Web. With such an enormous [...]
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Bellsouth Internet Security Services: Giving your Computer Investment Protection Against Online Threats and Intrusions

Gone are the days when libraries and other information centers are the best preferences when looking for important information. With the advent and development of computer system applications as well as of Internet technology, acquiring information is not anymore a daunting task to perform. You can now access the information that you will need within [...]
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Pc-cillin Internet Security: Trusted by Millions Worldwide for Protection

In today’s modern society, more and more people are now using the internet for cheaper communication, for shopping and also for business. Many people are now taking advantage of the internet technology to transact business. Some even considered using the internet to pay for their bills. Because of this, life is easier. By having the ability [...]
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Norton Internet Security : Giving you the Protection you Need

The internet today is filled with malicious programs that can eventually destroy your computer files or let some stranger take a look at your files and copy it without you knowing about it. These malicious programs are very dangerous programs because you will be letting someone in and take a look at all your personal [...]
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Counterspy – Spyware Protection That Respects Your Computer’s Performance

Anti-Spyware from CounterSpy CounterSpy protects your computer from spyware, malicious software or malware, potential problems found in software that finds a way into your computer whether you knowingly downloaded it thinking your download was safe, or just went to a website and picked it up unknowingly. In case you do not really understand what spyware is, common [...]
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