Top 30 Killer Home Security Tips You Can’t Do Without

Exterior Security Make sure garage, shed and property gates and fully secured after every use. Purchase more secure locks if necessary. Expensive gardening equipment should be security locked away such as lawn mowers. Be sure all garage doors are locked when leaving the house If you have a door connecting the garage to the house it should be solid wood or metal and secured with a strong lock and dead bolt.

Your garage door should be fitted with a strong security lock which is preferably secured to the floor. Get into the habit of always locking your car door when you come home at night. Bicycles and motorbikes should be secured or locked away safe. If you own ladders make you these are all secured or locked away.

Don’t allow drain pipes to be used to gain access to upper floors. Shrubs, trees and bushes should all be pruned so the burglar cannot hide. Install exterior security floodlighting that works with a motion sensor. Be sure any outdoor lighting is switched on in the evening.

So an emergency service can find your house in an emergency, make sure your house number or name is clearly visible Imagine you have locked yourself out – how easy could you break in? Fix any weaknesses that can allow an easy entry for the burglar.

Exterior Door Security Your external doors should be of solid hardwood or metal construction. Glass panels should be reinforced. Fit a peep hole for viewing visitors. Fit a deadbolt lock into the frame of the door. Always make sure exterior doors are locked, even if you go out for a couple of minutes and especially at night. Give extra keys to a neighbor you can trust and never hide them under the front doormat or in a flower pot.

Window Security Check for rotting window frames and replace if necessary. Secure every window in the house with a high security window lock. Consider security window bars if you think your windows could be smashed in order to gain entry.

General Security Around The Home Use interior timers for your lamps. This will give the impression someone is at home. Use a security safe for all your valuables or deposit them in a bank. Keep firearms security locked in an appropriate firearms cupboard. This should be fitted with a trigger guard lock. Keep an up to date inventory of all of your possessions.

Take digital photos of your possessions and valuables and burn the photos to DVD. Put the DVD in a bank safety deposit box. Have emergency telephone numbers next to your telephone. Make sure your whole family is aware of an evacuation procedure in the event of an emergency such as a fire. Let trusted neighbour know that you are going on vacation so they can watch over your property.

Security mark all valuable items such as your computer, TV, Hi-Fi etc… with an appropriate identification mark as recognized by your local police. Cancel deliveries and papers when on vacation And of course, activate your alarm system when leaving your property.

Burglar Proof Your Home Today!

Your Ultimate Home Security Tips & Advice

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