Ergonomic Office Chairs: The Next Generation

Old office chair not cutting it?  Maybe it’s time for an update.

Today’s ergonomic office chairs aren’t just a new take on the same old, same old.  Office furniture companies employ the hottest designers and ergonomic specialists in an attempt to create chairs that offer more style, more comfort, and cost less.

If you’re a seasoned office chair shopper, you may have heard of some of the big models: Herman Miller’s Embody Chair, the Steelcase Leap Chair, and the Humanscale Freedom Chair.  But with retail sticker prices up to $1600, these high-end ergonomic chairs may be out of reach of most customers. 

Luckily, a new generation has moved into the ergonomic office chair scene.  The Ergohuman Chair by Eurotech ($650) is a significant step down in price, and yet is consistently reviewed with the highest of the high-end chairs.  The Ergohuman comes with multiple ergonomic adjustments and your choice of a mesh surface, black leather upholstery, or a combination of the two.

At an even lower price point, there’s the Viper Chair by Valo ($475 – $550).  Don’t let its aggressive name scare you off; the Valo Viper Chair’s lower cost, ease of use, and flexibility makes it a great mid-range choice.  Besides the standard features, the Viper Chair by Valo offers fully adjustable armrests, making it an excellent choice for computer users.

Really want something different?  The IdealChair Executive Chair by Seatability ($400) doesn’t rely on a lot of knobs, levers, and poky adjustments.  Instead, the IdealChair’s elastic bungee cord construction automatically adjusts to your body’s natural movements. 

If you are looking for an ergonomic chair with bounce, look into the Sitness Ergonomic Stools by Topstar ($200).  Sitness stools keep your body moving and active while at work, increasing circulation and burning calories as you rock, roll, and bounce.  Exercise chairs are a great way to liven up the workday, but be advised – for intensive tasks, you may find you need something slightly less active. 

One of the most comfortable and distinctive-looking new-wave office chairs has got to be the HAG Capisco by Izzy Designs ($650 – $800).  The HAG Capisco’s unique design sets it apart from every other chair on the market.  Its seat comes in a flat or saddle style, and the plus-sign-style back provides spinal and arm support when you need it.  You can even use the chair in a side or reverse sitting position.  Rated and reviewed for their excellent comfort level, these European office chairs are still fairly rare in the United States – so not only will you get comfort and a highly unique style, but the cachet of an import. 

Remember – price tag doesn’t equal comfort.  The best ergonomic chair for you is one you’ll enjoy sitting in, and that will give you a relaxed and comfortable workday.  If the suggestions here don’t inspire you, then it’s time to go out and sit, sit, sit until you find the right one.  Your perfect ergonomic chair is out there.

Karen Page writes on retail and online furniture topics for

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