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The newest version of Internet Security software from Norton is leaner and meaner than ever.  Norton Internet Security 2010 has reduced its footprint on your computer and is even more aggressive in keeping your computer safe from Internet threats.  Norton Internet Security 2010 Software has incorporated more layers of computer security which work together to proactively defeat threats before they attack your system.  Norton is the clear leader when it comes to computer security and protection from online and offline threats.

The Internet Security software from Symantec is more robust with features than ever before, all while putting your computer under less strain.  One of the great new features of this computer security software is that it installs in one click, boots fast, scans fast, is light on computer memory and wont slow you down as you work on your computer.  Previous versions have had complaints that the software took up too much memory and slowed down people’s computers.  Not anymore.

Not only is Norton Internet Security 2010 fast and light on memory, but it also contains a lot of different features which stop incoming threats and alerts you when there is a potential malicious threat.  One of the most dangerous areas on the web is when you buy products or services online.  In order to obtain these purchases, you must disclose your personal and financial information online, sometimes, over insecure connections.  Norton software uses a feature called “Norton Safe Web” which allows you more security so that you can feel safe while shopping online.

Another great feature of the software by Symantec is “Norton IdentitySafe On-The-Go” which allows you to access your up to date logins and passwords on a Norton protected computer using a USB drive.  This secure password function will keep your most important login information untouchable by thieves.  This new feature also allows you to bring your password and login info with you when you are on the go.

These are just a few of the great features and functions of Norton Internet Security 2010.  In addition to security features, the software also allows for in-depth reporting and support from Symantec.  Don’t become the next victim of online fraud or online identity theft.  Check out more reasons why Norton Internet Security is the only option when it comes to keeping your computer and your identity safe from online threats.

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