Things to Look For in Ergonomic Office Chairs Before Purchasing

If you fall in the category of people who spend endless hours in front a computer, with a great degree of probability you could be one of those who, needless to say, suffer from a back ache. People who spend long hours in a sitting posture owing to their job are usually prone to ailments related to the back. Unscientifically designed chairs compounded with the sitting posture result in tremendous strain to the neck and back muscles. This strain can be reduced to a large extent by the use of ergonomically designed chairs.

Ergonomically designed chairs are scientifically designed to address minimum strain on long durations of sitting. They are specifically contoured to minimize workplace fatigue thereby increasing productivity. One can choose from a variety of stores that stock ergonomically designed furniture. It would however be prudent before purchasing one to check out one’s comfort level.

Some features worthy of mention while choosing an ergonomic chair are mentioned below:

1. Degree of recline: It is important to consider a chair with a varying degree of recline. Our body position keeps changing all day long and the recline is important to adjust these changing body postures distributing the body weight in a manner where there is no undue stress in any particular part of the body.

2. Flexible Back Rest: One should ensure that the back rest is commensurate to the size of the user of the chair. The back rest is significant, in that, the whole of the spinal region rests on it when in a sitting posture. The back rest should be able to comfortably ensure a straight position as well as ensure comfort for the lower half of the back.

3. Seat Height: The chair should have a height adjustment mechanism. The adjustment is required to ensure that the feet are firmly rested on the ground. This adjustment is also required to ensure that if the computer is placed at a relatively higher level, the user should be able to adjust the height in a manner that there is no stress on the upper part of the body.

4. Seat Pan: This is the part of the chair that is most important since it bears the complete weight of the body. One should ensure that the seat is padded to one’s level of comfort since it envisages spending longer time on the chair. The seat should be able to accommodate the user in entirety. A shorter seat pan is suggested to allow smaller people to utilize the chairs backrest, while a deeper seat pan is suggested for taller people.

5. Adjustable Arm Rests: These rests support the arms, thereby reducing the load on the shoulders and the upper part of the arms. To suit the individual user, the arms rests should be adjustable to ensure there is no slump or pressure on the elbows while using the computer.

6. Casters and Base: It is advisable to have a five point base as this would reduce the risk of the chair tipping over when there is an unprecedented pressure applied in a particular direction of the chair. There are a number of casters to choose from – the nylon carpet casters, the soft wheel casters and the rubbers casters to name few. The choice of your casters should be based on the flooring you intend to use the chair on.

If some of these indicators are kept in mind at the time of purchasing an ergonomically chair, rest assured you would be satisfied about your choice. So go right ahead and pick up an ergonomic chair and bid adieu to backaches.

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