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Top 30 Killer Home Security Tips You Can’t Do Without

Exterior Security Make sure garage, shed and property gates and fully secured after every use. Purchase more secure locks if necessary. Expensive gardening equipment should be security locked away such as lawn mowers. Be sure all garage doors are locked when leaving the house If you have a door connecting the garage to the house [...]
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Download Zune Music Without Sacrificing your Budget, Time and Computer Security

A powerful competitor to iPod, comparatively young Zune has given birth to numerous websites where users can download Zune music, either for free or for a certain price. Each one quite understandably promotes itself as the best source for all things Zune, including music. Can everything really be so pink and rosy? Let’s try to [...]
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How to Sit at Your Computer for Hours Without Pain

How long can you sit at your computer without hurting? Thirty minutes? Sixty minutes? Sitting for prolonged periods with poor body positioning can be very fatiguing. Over time, the fatigued area becomes strained and pain sets in. With a correctly configured workstation you should be able to sit for hours without hurting your back, neck, arms, [...]
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